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Australia is a stable and independent nation, with an open and prosperous economy and one of the world’s oldest continuous democracies. It’s acknowledged as a heaven for people escaping violence and oppression in their own countries. Despite being considered a relatively young country, Australia sits amongst the world’s biggest economies. It has a very dynamic economy, characterized by the easiness and security of making deals and by being in expansion for 23 straight years which makes it a very appealing market. With an economy sustained by a solid financial and modern bank systems and a very dynamic exporting sector, contributing to a reality of political guarantees. Australia is a rich country in natural resources and a big exporter of minerals (iron, coal, gold, uranium and diamond’s), fuels (petrol and natural gas), agriculture products (cereals, meat, cotton and wool), a good source of tourism and an ever growing industry. This country occupies the 20th position in the competitiveness ranking of the World Economic Forum.